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Get a Beautiful and Straight Smile without Traditional Braces

Invisalign® for Teens Makes Straighter Teeth as Easy as Possible

Does your teen wish for a straighter smile, but both of you are concerned about the restrictions and costs of traditional braces? Skip the brackets and wires and try Invisalign Teen. It’s one of dentistry’s most popular treatment options for teenagers, in addition to working for adults that need tooth straightening.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign Treatment?

There are many reasons to choose Invisalign over other types of braces for teens.

1. Eating and Drinking with No Restrictions

One of the biggest frustrations for teens caused by traditional braces is all the restrictions on food and drink. Invisalign aligners are easily removed when your teen wants to eat or drink, eliminating the need for those restrictions.

2. Nearly Invisible for Better Self-Confidence

The signature of this treatment option are the clear aligners used to gently adjust your teen’s smile. Peers and friends won’t be able to tell your teenager is even wearing them.

3. Comfortable for Daily Wear

There’s far less discomfort with this kind of treatment than from traditional orthodontics. Each custom aligner is carefully fitted to move the teeth gently with a minimal amount of pressure. There’s no chance of the aligners cutting the gums or lips, which can be a risk with braces that rely on brackets and wires.

4. Compatible with Sports and Activities

Speaking of wires and brackets, wearing braces precludes participating in activities like school sports and horseback riding. Let your teen enjoy their favorite activities by choosing Invisalign instead.

5. Easy Care

Remove the Invisalign aligner and rinse it out, then follow the usual oral hygiene procedure without special toothbrushes or cleaning picks. It’s a process easy enough that any teen can follow it.

Planning the Journey of Invisalign Teen Treatments

Invisible braces are easier than you might think, making it easy to convince a teen to undergo the process. Even teens with dental anxiety can handle the Invisalign treatment journey with our help.

1. Set Up a Complimentary Consultation

Our team here at Z Dentists can tell with a simple exam if your teen is a good candidate for this kind of treatment. We’ll assess their general oral health and estimate the amount of adjustment needed for a straighter smile. If we think it’s a good choice for their smile, we’ll move them on to the next step.

2. Create a Custom Treatment Plan

As with all the dental care we offer here, we customize the treatment to your teen’s particular needs. Detailed imaging and high-quality impressions ensure that the aligners all match their teeth perfectly for rapid results. We’ll explain how long the treatment is expected to take, show you how their new smile may look, and detail the financial arrangements for the treatment. Most teens only need around eighteen months of treatment to achieve the results they want.

3. Start Wearing the Aligners

When the first set of custom aligners arrives, we’ll walk your teen through the process of wearing them properly. The BPA-free plastic is comfortable and easy to wear for 20 to 22 hours a day. They’re easily removed at any time for activities or cleaning, making it no big deal to wear them the rest of the time.

4. Stick to the Schedule

We send every patient home with a schedule telling them when to switch to the next aligner. This is how Invisalign slowly and gently moves teeth into new positions. Each aligner is about 1/10mm different in shape than the previous one, ensuring only a very gradual and comfortable movement. We’ll ask you to drop in a few times during the treatment course to check that everything’s going as planned.

5. Enjoy the New and Beautiful Smile

After the treatment period ends, they may need a follow-up retainer for another few months. You may notice increased confidence and more smiles from a previously shy teen thanks to the new beauty of their straightened smile.

The Many Benefits of Straightening Your Smile


There are many studies showing that a better-aligned smile can increase self-esteem, confidence, and life-long outcomes. This can mean more professional opportunities and even higher income levels, making this a great gift for your child’s future.

Better Oral Health for Years to Come

A straighter set of teeth can lead to better oral health for life. Dealing with overlapping or clashing teeth will prevent chipping and cracking over time. It’s also easier to brush and floss teeth that are properly aligned, reducing the chances of gum disease.

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