Cosmetic Gum Treatments

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Cosmetic Gum Improvements

Gum Contouring and More to Reshape Your Entire Smile

Your gums are the frame for the beautiful picture of your smile. If your gums are on the excessive side, the process of gum contouring may be the perfect procedure for you as well. Reshape your smile with minimal changes by adjusting your gum line. You may need a mix of gum reshaping, gum lifting, and crown lengthening procedures for a sparkling smile. If you’re also interested in dental veneers from our team here at Z Dentists, you’ll find the results are even more amazing if they’re paired with techniques to reshape gumline edges.

What are the Benefits of Gum Contouring?

This dental procedure is primarily used to transform a gummy smile for cosmetic reasons. However, it can also be used after periodontal disease leads to damage to the gum tissue. It can be a treatment for receding gums as well, although it’s primarily for situations when gum growth is excessive instead. If you feel your teeth are short and would look better a little longer, gum reshaping is the ideal way to achieve that goal. Contouring ensures that your smile highlights your teeth rather than your gums. Adjusting how even your gum line is will also produce the appearance of a more symmetrical smile as well.

How Does a Cosmetic Gum Treatment Work?

Here at Z Dentists, we start by doing a full assessment of your current smile. After making our recommendations, we’ll use a simple procedure to sculpt the gum tissue and sometimes the underlying bone. This reveals the full surface of the teeth and builds a more symmetrical gum line. Gum contouring requires skill and training, so make sure you select experienced specialists like our team.

When is Gum Contouring Recommended for Oral Health?

Gum grafting in recommended in many cases where periodontal disease has eroded or damaged the original gum line. If you undergo gum grafts, we can also use gum contouring for a complete restoration that blends in perfectly. We can reduce gum tissue in some areas and raise it in others until you have the gum line you want. If the dentist needs to remove some gum tissue for better access for other treatments, grafts can help restore the tissue afterward.

Receding Gums and Gum Grafting

If any of your teeth look a little longer than they used to, you may be experiencing the first signs of gum recession. Not only can this indicate gum disease, but it also tends to alter the appearance of your smile. Receding gums can also occur due to smoking, naturally thin or weak tissue, overcrowded teeth, uneven biting habits, and genetics. Even overly aggressive brushing habits can result in receding gums. Letting gum tissue recede too far can expose the roots of the teeth, threatening damage to them and the bone tissue below the surface. In these cases, gum restoration can prevent tooth loss and other long-term health concerns.

How Gum Grafts Help with Recession

Gum grafts are also known as soft tissue grafts and are recommended in a wide variety of situations. Nearly any missing gum tissue can be replaced with skillful treatment. We can cover exposed tooth roots and reverse recession caused by gum disease. You’ll experience reduced sensitivity as well in many cases.

The Many Benefits of Soft Tissue Grafting

Explore the potential benefits of gum grafting and contouring.

Prevent Tooth Loss

When gum recession isn’t treated early enough, tooth and bone loss occurs. Gum grafting can prevent these problems.

Improve Bone Restoration

Regenerating bone growth may be necessary if teeth are missing or gum tissue is receded for long enough. Gum grafting is an essential part of this regeneration process for long-term health.

More Attractive Gumline

A healthy gumline is also an attractive one. Gum health issues often have aesthetic consequences as well. Protect your smile in both ways by choosing a gum graft or contouring procedure when it’s recommended. Improve the appearance and health of your gums at the same time with one set of procedures.

Dependable Root Coverage

Exposed roots can lead to sensitivity and severe pain issues over time. It also puts the tooth at risk for complete loss and may allow infection to reach the jaw. Full coverage with a gum graft is the best way to keep the roots protected throughout life.

Contact us today here at Z Dentists for a cosmetic gum treatment consultation. We’ll let you know if we think gum contouring or grafts could help.

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